About Us


I started Cycle Passions LLC in 2004. I was tired of the mega multi-dealership mentality, where the mechanic is nothing more then an assembly line parts changer, and the customer is just another number on a key tag.

I think back to when I was a kid and my parents would stop for gas at the local station. The attendant would come out, he knew your name, he washed your windshield, he checked your oil, and sent you on your way feeling happy.
That is how I feel it should be. Your motorcycle is a very personalized part of you, you and your bike deserve personal attention.

When it came time to name the business that I loved for so many years, I asked all who knew me, “what would be a good name for my motorcycle shop?”
Everyone agreed it should have a name that shows my love for the sport and how much heart I put in to my work.

Therefore the name Cycle Passions is from my love of motorcycles, and the heart is because that’s what I put into each and every job.
The flames on the heart are just because I think they are cool.